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Elements Calgary and Edmonton are independently owned and operated by a Canadian entity Elements Inc.

We specialize in and feature Western Canada's largest selection of the Filson brand of unfailing goods for outdoor enthusiasts. We are also a leader in providing customers with a shopping experience dedicated to upholding Filson's values and culture.

Filson has been designing and building rugged quality goods for over 120 years. The founder, C.C. Filson, was an outfitter for the stampeders heading North during the Great Klondike Gold Rush of 1897. His promise was to outfit the men with dependable product to withstand the rugged conditions and frigid elements they would face by using the best materials and workmanship. Clothing was a matter of survival!

When, the Gold rush ended, Filson kept listening to his customers and outdoorsmen and the brand became synonymous with tough, comfortable outdoor clothing for hunters, anglers, engineers, explorers, mariners and miners.

Filson’s philosophy remains steadfast: Make sure it is the absolute best.


“The goods we quote must not be confounded with the cheap and vastly inferior grade with which the market is over-run. Such goods are not only useless for the purpose for which they are intended, but the person wearing them would be better off without them.”

-- Clinton C. Filson 1914 catalog

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